Danyel Shabazz

Founding Member United Nation Builders

    We can’t speak of the future of any nation without mentioning the children. Our children are our future and without them there is none. At the current rate our children are going, we will not see a future at all. They are highly invested in destruction from drugs, gang violence, sport and play to degrading of our young girls who are the future mothers that will bring in more children down the line of time. There has never been such a time where the youth have been so destructive. They have been made desensitized and demoralized making it easy for them to carelessly murder one another. If we don’t intervene then we can cancel the future of our nation. Statistically out of all other ethnic groups we have been ranked the highest on the violent death toll since 2009 and that says a lot. Do you see the necessity for change? Look around your area and ask yourself if you see a bright future for the black nation here in America or do you feel the need to improve? The United Nation Builders wants to see a brighter future for the original black nation here in North America and it is our mission and purpose to establish an economic base that will give our future a solid foundation to build on. We are calling on black men and women all across the country no matter your religion, age or social status to join us in our effort to change the current conditions of our people to a higher standard and true independence. It’s gonna take us all to make an effective impact.  So register with us to find out what you can do to help and LET’S GET BUSY! 

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