The United Nation Builders Newsletter is published to provide our
readers and viewers a wide-range of information that informs,
educates, and inspires while presenting the truth from our
perspective. We are committed to our mission to help, first and
foremost, the black man and woman in America with information in
the area of economics, self reliance and independence. In so doing
some reports, views, and opinions that may appear in our
newsletter may not solely represent those of the UNB Newsletter;
also various news and trends will also appear that differ from our
own but our readers are free to form their own opinion of the
content that’s presented. Further in line with our purpose and
intentions we welcome your feed back to help provide a better
service to you and for you. Lastly we sincerely hope that UNB
Newsletter will serve as a greater tool to enlighten and free the
minds of our people.

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Your Donations
When you donate to the United Nation Builders, your donation goes into a National Treasury dedicated
to the economic growth of the black man and woman of America. These funds will be used to invest in
business opportunities for the benefit and advancement of black people, while simultaneously creating
an economic system that will generate wealth in the black community. The residuals from these
business opportunities, after all expenses are paid, will go back into our National Treasury for the
benefit of growing our economic wealth. There is no set dollar amount that we have determined nor is
there a particular business type that we have selected to pursue at this point in time. That will be
determined by our future financial situation and the best business opportunities presented at that time.
We have a board of directors that are experienced in business investments and entrepreneurship along
with resources to seek expert advise on money management and financial decision making. We will
provide the public with updates of our business investments and financial reports to keep you informed
of our progress inside of our UNB Newsletter published on our website. Any donation, weather it’s big
or small, will be accepted and your donations are tax deductible as we are a nonprofit organization.
Thank you for your support and remember, “Up you mighty nation! You can accomplish what you will”.

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